Jeremie Bethke

I was born in 1990 in hutchinson minnesota. later i was put up for adoption in 1992 and adopted in 1994 by very loving parents. I started drawing (scribbling) at the age of 3 and by the time I was about 4 1/2 I was able to draw snowmen and from there I progressed.I have Won multiple awards for my efforts in artIn 1999 I won 2nd place in the state for an art contest put on by the Dairy farmers of americaIn 2008 I gained a supererior rating in the minnesota state high shcool league.In 2008 I won artist of the year in my highschool.i graduated may 2009, i'll be saving up money for college. Im always trying to improve my art work and love recieving tips and critiques.Ps. if anyone wants to buy any of my artwork that'd be great! I like I like any form of art, however I mainly draw. Favourite movies My favorite fantasy movie is "Beowolf" My favorite Scifi movie is "Twilight" My favorite Scifi TV show is "Moonlight" Favourite books I like the Harry Potter series. the Narnia series, the Twilight series, The Inheritance series("Eragon"), and the Leven Thumps Series. Favourite music My favorite song artists are; Josh Groban, Evanesence, Green Day, Cold Play (my favorite song of theirs' is Viva la Vida), Alabama, slipknot, Ozzy, kiss, Fergy, Kelly Klarkson, Celi Rain, and many more