Mackenzie Halbert

Hello all! If you haven't figured it out yet, I am Mackenzie Halbert. This is my own little shelf in the Wyvern's Library. Maybe not yet a shelf, maybe half a shelf, or perhaps a third, but with hard work and determination I am sure it will expand! I play the violin in several groups in my area, and music is often my inspiration for works of the pen. Or perhaps it is my writing that influences my interpretation of music... Anywho, please stay, look around, comments are appreciated (especially if you compliment my prowess with the written word). I kid, of course, feedback is awesome as well. Even if you just leave the name of your favorite vegetable, or your favorite word in the poem/story, I will be most humbled by the effort. Go forth and conquer!

Black of Night

I wrote this during Samhain a while ago, and thought it really captured the mood. I dunno, I guess I was inspired... (For those who don't know, Samhain is the Celtic New Year, a day when the veil between this world at the next is supposed to be at its thinnest)

Seregaur - Chapter 1

Voila! Chapter one.

Seregaur - Chapter 2

Ffionn is introduced in this chapter, and I think he may be my favorite character in the story. He knows everything, but he doesn't let on about it.

Seregaur - Chapter 3

I feel so sorry for Tamsin. He's so well-meaning, and yet so clueless. He deserves someone just as clueless (which wasn't intended to sound as mean as it does).

Somewhere In Between

I guess everyone has to have something or other about the contrast between good and evil, heaven and hell, so on and so forth. This is mine. It makes me sad every time I read it.

Seregaur - Prologue

This is the first part of a story that began as a school assignment and morphed into something more. The prologue is the assignment itself.


This was an assignment from a creative writing class I took. We had to write and illustrate a children's book. This was mine...