Eva Prosen

What's there to say? I'm a bit on the side of wanky (though people that know me lean more towards batshit crazy :D) and frankly, love everything. I've read, watched and listened my way through a good portion of what humanity's created to this day; I've met many a disappointment and many an exhilarating work.Though most would dub me as a metalhead, I listen to everything, really. In fact - oh my! - I'm open to everything in most aspects of life. I try not to hold grudges and judge people. I don't mind anything that you (or anyone, for that matter) does, so long as it doesn't include insinuating themselves (yourselves. whatevs) into my personal bubble of beliefs. That's when I make use of my swordsmanship training and smite you down like the demon you are. I kid you not, though. Don't try to preach to me.Any and all discussions, however, are encouraged. I do appreciate a good verbal showdown. *devilish grin* I like Ars et Musica Favourite movies None, really. I mean, I don't have favorites, not that I don't watch them. Though I really don't watch that much of sci-fi/fantastica. I guess I prefer to play/read it. :P Favourite books Neh. I really wouldn't put anything forth as my absolute favorite in the genre(s). I am, however, a great fan of Martin's ASoIaF, Tolkien's LotR and all the stuff from under the pen of the very talented and sometimes mischievous Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. Favourite music Everything? Again, no favorites. I give a chance to everything that I consider to be music (and rare are the things I don't, mind you). You'll find everything from classical pieces to symphonic black metal and Shakira on my playlists. FTW diversity, I guess. :P