Stephanie Riley

I am 17 and I love anime.  I am not an interesting person and that's all there is to it.  I love  Pokémon (and yes, I AM that big of a nerd).  I've been drawing seriously for more or less 4 years now, but I've always doodled as a way to pass the time or relive boredom.  My favorite color's light blue, and I love comments, so leave plenty as I reply to them all.  My favorite anime and/or manga include (though not in this order):  Inu-Yasha,  Fruits  Basket,  Rave  Master,  Yu Yu  Hakusho,  Bleach,  and many  others.   I really want to try and publish some of my works.  I have a novel I am working on as well as 6 comic series I have yet to complete in my mind... but the first one is almost there!  I swear it is!!! Being on Elfwood has really helped me a lot.  I've made some great friends and my art's improving little by little.  The friends I've made have helped me to be a better person and the pain in my heart is healing quicker with them around.  Thank you, you guys.  I'm sure you know who you are. Well, you people must be tired of listening to me... so here are some links for your trouble... but most of you probably just skipped there first.  Oh, well... *sighs* Quote: "Calm is for normal people!" Rachael Riley is my older sister who has a gallery here on Elfwood. You should go see her stuff. It's awesome! Roland Gromes is a good friend of mine that I met here on Elfwood. Marloes van Drie is another friend I met here. HERE is where my Deviant Art account is located. I like I like to draw, sew, cook, play video games, think and read whenever I find the time. Favourite music Music I like?... Um... there's a lot, but the main bands I listen to are Daft Punk, They Might Be Giants, Modest Mouse and Franz Ferdinand. I also tend to listen to New Age and semi-classical music.