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I'm not getting enough of drawing these characters, I guess. This hasn't even happened in the story and I doubt it will happen as depicted anyway. But damn, it was a funny picture to draw. And the inking, ahh, it actually looks good, even though I say it myself. Ink version with no color! Whether you want it or not, I'll now describe the characters. Skip the colored text if you're not interested. Krezagon (on the left) is a nearly middle-aged downtrodden character with no future. Ey's a good person and soldier and has a variety of useful skills, but sex discrimination keeps em down in the gutter. Now what's eir sex? Ey's an ancod; sexless and unable to have offspring. Next to Krezagon is Tegafel, a teenager just barely recognized as an adult. While ey isn't as badly suppressed as Krezagon, ey also has sex-related problems (in the both meanings of the word). Tegafel is a wacod, an androgyne, capable of birthing and siring children. Wacods are expected to be sex machines or settle down and have a bunch of kids, preferably with more than one person. Tegafel used to hate sex and still doesn't want children. So what could be better than to play around with someone who will never have children? The small, sharp character is Arike, a garandal, mountain hopper. Let me get back to that once I've found a personality for em. Ey's also an epicine. The next short character with the fluffy hair is Availon, a galanfetzcan (this is my most popular picture for reasons unknown to me). Ey was initially (by story timeline) a friend of Tegafel's but has eir own agenda. Ey's a member of a very intelligent race and therefore looks "better" (not SO thin) than the rest of them, what with having better food and such. Ey's yet another an epicine and also a telepath, or far-walker as they say. The next character is the tall thin weedstick, Taikehel, who's an ancod like Krezagon, but also a far-walker. Ey has a somewhat complex personality. The character on the right is Riyhneon, a member of Krezagon's soldier squad. Ey's fairly young (though not as young as Tegafel) and has lately been through a very traumatic experience. Ey's a gewacod, so a physically strong female without breasts (or big ones). The last character is the tall one above Arike. Ey's Leitsel, also a member of Krezagon's squad. Ey's older than Riyhneon. Ey's a nigecod, so a male with breasts. Let it also be known that Krezagon, Tegafel, Leitsel, Taikehel and Riyhneon are femehans. Femehans have twelve sexes. I'll stab anyone who calls any of them "he" or "she". Go take your silly sexes home with you! I'm not having them on my page! :D The story is actually sci-fi and this thus a sci-fi picture with aliens... but hey, it doesn't look like that.

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