Die, stereotype, die!

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V. Lehkonen

Featuring, from left to right: Kim (my original character, just for the heck of it), Harry Potter from the books by the same name and Marrow from X-Men. NOTE: If you really like Harry Potter, DON'T LOOK AT THIS PIC! And if you do, regardless my warning and leave a stupid comment, I'll be sure to burn your teeny tiny foolish comment to ashes and scoff at it! Ha! How's that for a warning, eh? Ever wonder why I made this description so long? XD So, anyway... \begin{mode}{maniac} Yes! YES! *evil maniac laughter* YEHEHEEESSS!!! Muahhahhahhaaa! \end{mode} If you don't recognize: Harry Potter is the one on the floor with the bone dagger struck through his torso. The one who did it is Marrow (walking away). And the kid yelling is the first original character of mine, the genderless telepath Kim. I did not mean Harry to look like the actor in the movie (not that I even know how the actor looks. Haven't seen the movie, couldn't possibly care less). Unless Rowling has drawn him herself, we can't really know how he looks like, and therefore I as an artist have the liberty to draw him whatever way I wish, but of course I'll take note of the descriptions in the book. You see the position Harry's legs are in? Anime style seems to do that to every girl drawn. In real life, I have seen only boys and people with leg injuries doing that unintentionally. Some girls do it intentionally, but I don't know why. I think it looks just plain ridiculous, not to mention stupid. The case with HP books is this: It's not good fantasy. It's made to appeal to masses or ignorant people who know nothing about fantasy. If I remember correctly, even Rowling herself said that she doesn't know that much about fantasy... or was it that she doesn't care for fantasy much at all? Either way... All the rip offs have been stuffed into one book to make it seem original, which is not THAT bad but anyway. And the characters are some of the most horrible stereotypes I've ever seen and as thin as one hydrogen atom. About stereotypes: The main character, Harry, is all nice, intentionally made sympathetic and all over just the kind who would be a typical 'hero', and all his flaws are basically caused by someone else, so he's not really flawed himself. Ron is his symphatetic but balancingly flawed best friend, of course. The girl stereotypes are even worse: e.g. Hermione is a girly bookworm who knows 'everything' but can't possibly take any part in the adventure and action part because she's a girl. Hey, another note: I don't generally have anything against Harry Potter, J. K. Rowling, the actor in the movie, whoever he was, or anyone who's involved with Harry Potter. I just felt like drawing this, for fun. Published characters are there to be made fun of =) And I don't do this with Harry Potter only! I also make fun of for example Cyclops and some Pokemon (as you should be able to tell)... And of course I apologize all Harry Potter fans and J. K. Rowling. So don't complain.

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