Vicky Barrett

Wow my last bio was four years old if not older, life has changed a lot. I’m now a tax payer, working full time with a part time job, a bar maid weekends and an Architectural Assistant weekdays, living in the big city. Well Manchester …  I’m currently saving hard to buy my first home, while living in a lovely terrace with three other people, working hard and enjoying my occasional flights of fancy.  I do occasionally write though it has more recently been fanfiction having been bitten by the slashy goodness bug, but my original roots have been slowly returning.  I aim to add another original story by the end of February 2007… doo doo doo do...

Bane of the Architect

What is this about. Hmm... well I haven't written anything for such a long time, that I was reading fan fiction on a gaming site, and there wasn't a lot, so I thought well I'll put that to rights and wrote four. Three of which are up, and the fourth in the process of being published. However, this drove me to update my elfwood site. And as I have all the time in the world to do so now, what better chance does one get? So it's about a client who is a bit fussy.

Lila : part two

Second installment of another riveting tale...

As pleasing as I am...

Great title, no? This is an ode to the male in me, the fighter rper. The guy who struggles where others would fail, and so dies a thousand deaths and then again.

Cat's in the Cradle-part two

This is short but sweet, really it should be the prologue, but as I already have an introduction it's Chapter 1 and part 2. The next part is significantly longer, which is why it's taking longer to get ready.

Lights Out

Here's an example why I make the bestest childsitter ever. A poem about...Fairies! Enjoy, praise and worship my artistic brilliance and genius.

Tin Soldier

The ending is up to the individual, I like to think that the guy went on to bigger and better things, and became more than a lonely soul. But then I also think, well what if he died, would anyone miss the face in the crowd?

Victory : the conclusion

Its the end of this road, although several of the key players appear in other tales of woe and deceit.

Lila: part one

This is another of my dreams morphed into a longer occassion as it wouldn't die when I wanted it too.

Dr Dawn versus Vivian

A piece of fanciful nonesense, which has no baring whatsoever on anything other than the spur of the moment madness trip. I haven't written anymore but I could, I guess.


A common theme, creation, and good versus evil. It's a stand alone, so I wont be dragging it into anything else. I wrote it when feeling throughly annoyed by...Well I'm sure people can guess by what.


Welcome to the world of my dreams...


Up to the individual why they died.


I don't like this, but until I smooth it out this is all your having.


Poetry at its worst. This is my first, and last poem. I only wrote it because the first two lines were bugging me, the rest is pure rambling words. Enjoy.

Victory : part three

Another installment


It's the beginning of a tale, I may nt write any more, I will but I may not upload it *grins* Enjoy if you will

Lila : part three

And now the end is near...

Brownie Wood

If you read it you'll gaze upon the wonderment of a Brownie Wood. Yes it's another amazing poem by the one and only ME!!!! I'm starting to believe my hype. (If anyone could tell me how to get rid of the infernal paragraphs between each line until it is in paras! I would be most grateful!)


Name that myth...

Ticking Soldier

A fairytale for six year olds.

Sir Spankalot

This is written for someone, his name Is Dr Muffin, he knows who he is. this is in tribute to his brilliance at scaring innocent young things.

Victory; part four

Almost finished...honest


This comes before Last, it's a mini series with only one more part too come, or perhaps two. Prologue as well. Maybe.

Cat's in the Cradle-part one

This ties in with Lila, and Victory, but explores a different aspect of the whole scheme. This however is the very first part, an introduction as you will. Part two is coming very shortly, and part three is only half typed up.

Cat's in the Cradle-part three

This is actually only chapter two, but it's longer than the last couple, and you get to learn all about the evolution of the Elite, who I called the Chosen in the other tales, mainly because it was pre Buffy on TV and now it's post or present, so it's changed to Elite, and it is an Elitist society...Ok I only just thought of that reason but it fits. Anyway, this is where Ethan gets to talk without Cat or anyone else butting in, poor man. Enjoy, and in the next installment, Lila and her beloved return.


A spin off from Dreams. Someone said they enjoyed the bit where I explain how Sarah takes over. Well here it is again, but differently, more historically this time. I'm proud of this (it is late at night so forgive me if it's dire)I'm bubbling with pleasure. Just before anyone comments-the Bali connection was there long before there was a bomb attack, I think it was even on Elfwood before the bomb attack, just before anyone comments on it-not that anyone would, I'm just covering my bases.


I'm a Young Leader with the local Brownie Pack, and tonight (14th Oct) was my meeting. I split the sixes up and gave them individual tasks to do, within the tasks given to the Imps was creating incantations. When asked what I would put within my sheet, I thought of this off the top of my head. Although since I came home I have slightly modified it. In this one I didn't ask for my enemy's heart to explode, subtle differences like that. Anyway, for all I say about loathing poetry, I have been writing a lot. So here's a new one to bore you all with. It's purpose is to entice an Imp to do my bidding. Oh, and while researching Imps I discovered much to my amazment Imps are also known as Genies, hence the one two three part. Adios.

Plug in Baby

A fairytale for adults.

Love Poem (Wraith)

A man falls in love, a woman falls in love, actually two women do. Who wins? Let the poem decide *eyes gleam as manical laughter eches round the building' Ok ok, I know I've been doing rubbish poems, so heres another to add to the charade. And this time, well this is a poem that I worked out in my head. And then lost when writing down.

Man and Dog

Inspired by Brothers Grimm, and boredom. This is a droll little tale, cautioning the youth of today against such acts.

Victory : part two

Part two to the saga...You may recognise several key players.

Victory : part one

This is another reasonably drawn out dream of mine, however, when I wrote it I wrote it a fancy font, so to read it, the size was 16. Which is why some of the chapters are so short and can fit onto one page.