Vera Emerim

My name is Vera Lucia Emerim. I live in the Southern coast of Brazil very near the sea. I am married to a wonderful man and have a 28 years old daughter. I paint for a long time. I only studied with a fine art painter for some time and then I self-taught myself. It was not easy. After painting many landscapes, seascapes and cats, I decided that my real passion was Fantasy art. It is not even a form of art in Brazil. Now I only paint what my heart claims: mermaids, faeries, Bast and cats. Sometimes all of them together. Update: I had to delete some oldies to make room for the new ones. I hope you enjpy the changes. I am selling prints and originals of almost all my art. If you are interested just email me. I have put some on Ebay so if tou like to bid look for my Ebay handdle veralucia. Thank you. Update: My new website is