Ok, so I'm 21, I live in England, and I'm in my final year of university studying English. Except I've actually already had my last lecture, and am trying to finish off the essays, and then I'm done! Which is kind of scary. Not least because it means that I can't spend my lectures doodling anymore. Hmph. I'd got renowned for it. Artwise, I've been a chronic doodler since forever, but I only started taking art seriously a couple of years ago, and really started trying. I've been surrounded by art all my life, my dad's a depressingly talented artist who specialises in maritime but can effortlessly whip out a dragon painting too. Damn him. I never tried art seriously - including taking classes or whatever - on account of the fact that I've been afflicted with some incredibly nasty art teachers. When I was 11, I was informed that I had no talent and never would, and it kind of put me off. But then I realised that was total crap. I'm by no means an amazing artist, I have a hell of a lot to learn, but I think for someone who has only been doing it for a couple of years and has had no lessons, I'm pretty good. But I am kind of limited, so I might start taking a few courses. I started out drawing manga/anime style, but I'm trying to get away from it. It's a good starting point, but I'd like to start doing something a little more original. I'm not deriding anime, here, but Elfwood is rather deluged with it. I'm also trying to start drawing more dragons and fantasy creatures - I did a dragon picture for my mother's christmas present. Also, I love fairies - particularly feisty little ones. Also? I hate my scanner. It's an evil - NEW! - piece of junk that DOESN'T WORK! And it really hates watercolour pencils. I think it's going to come alive at night and kill me. Eeeeevil scanner.