It is sometimes hard to describe just what draws me to fantasy and sci-fi. But I have to admit that mostly it is the amount of creativity that is involved with it, I think. Since I was a small child I've been interested in it and have been drawing. I started off with Leprachauns and Rainbows which were little more that crayola crayon stick men. Now as you can see it has exploded into a much more comic book and illustration style. I enjoy drawing and learning how to improve my art. 9-29-07 Greetings art enthusiasts and fellow artists. It's been awhile since I had some new work, so to let you know I've three new pieces that I am working on getting uploaded. Hopefully they will make their appearance soon. Also you can look for my work at Con on the Cob 2007 in Akron, OH. I do take commissions and price varies depending on what you want. Please email me your request with a description of the character, a possible pose you want them in, any accessories and a brief history. If I have any questions I will get back to you. Please note I cannot accept deadlines as I am currently a new mother, but I will try and finish your project ASAP pending what other projects I have lined up