Christine Leonova

Bio Name: Christine (also called Tisha)Born: January 11, 1987, Moa (Cuba)Zodiac: CapricornLocation: Russia, Northern Caucasia, spa town Pyatigorsk (literally –“ Five Mountains ”).Occupation: Student of Linguistic University (scary, sinister place with at least 3 alternative realities).Interests: reading, drawing, writing own stories, photographing, cinema-going, cooking.Likes: cats, dolphins, horses, big dogs, cheese, strawberry, starry skies, nocturnal thunderstorms, mountains, fantasy art, sunshowers, cars.Dislikes: exams, dreary teachers, loud parties, insolent and stupid people. Favorites:     Anime/Manga: Hellsing, Death Note, Gunslinger Girls, Wolf’s Rain, Elfen Lied, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke. Literature: Shakespeare, Gofman, Bradbury, Asimov, Lem, Bulgakov, Durrell, Conan-Doyle, Tolkien and many-many others. Music: Vangelis, Peter Gabriel, Theory of Deadman, Akira Yamaoka, Keiko Matsui, AFI, Muse, Sting, Blackmore’s Night, Mark Knopfler, Era, Enigma, Adiemus, Beatles, Pink Floyd, classics. Games: Fahrenheit (Indigo Prophecy), American McGee Alice, Myst (1-4), Silent Hill (2-4), Syberia, The Longest Journey. TV & Movies: LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean , Star Trek (TNG & TOS), Star Wars, X-files.