Borne Again

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Vicki Nemeth

She has been locked sleeping in this globe of nasty liquid for God-knows-how-long and suddenly feels herself awaken, and something tugging her upwards. And as she emerges she takes her first gasp of breath... The ghostly dudes want to hold her in, but there's no way she's going back there. What's going to happen to her now, you ask? Well, she'll be able to fly and soon she'll take a nice shower and pick out a new outfit. This image is a response to Threads Of Palest Silver by Laura F Crites. The design for the charater, ghosts, and liquid have been used with permission (though it was I who turned the liquid into a globe). So how did Laura's picture inspire me, you may wonder? First, read the poem in her description. It gives you a good impression of her picture. After that, while observing the picture I listened to Part 1 of the 'Prologue' for Final Fantasy IV. The music starts out very calm and appropriate for Laura's picture, but then after a pause, it suddenly becomes energetic. It was then that I pictured her bursting out of the liquid and flying through the bright sky; I hadn't even intended to let pictures come to me. This took me about 2 hours. To start I drew a concept sketch of her being pulled upwards by her hands, but in the end I decided to use this position instead. For this one, I pencilled in her position and the place of the liquid over her, then the curve of the globe, then the little spindly arms of the ghosts. I inked it with an old double-ended felt-tip calligraphy pen. It was coloured with chalk pastels and smudged with Kleenex, my fingers, and Q-Tips. When I decided that the bottoms of the clouds weren't defined enough, I drew a line under each with an eraser. Phew. Exhaustive. I think I should do another version of this in oils or acrylics. Drawn and coloured on December 20th, 2004.

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Binary stars fall in love, too.This is my entry for the "Magic Love Rhymes" contest. Feb 11, 2010


When I was very young, there was an ice storm one day. I remember standing under a birch tree and looking up through the layer of ice weighing on the branches, sparkling in the sunlight. Then Dad would take a broomstick and hit the branches 'CRASH' to knock the ice off so that it wouldn't go fall on me without him knowing. This childhood memory is so important to me that it will always permeate my imagination. So it's fitting, especially since I'm an abstract thinker, to write such a far fetched, and hideously cute, fable. Edition completed April 20th, 2004.

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Inspired by Bifrost's 'Mad Hatters On Parade'. At first, I thought it was too low quality to put here or to add to Bifrost. I should know better. It's not like this is an elitist twit gallery. I should have submitted this to them when I had the chance. Now I just want to have something else up here. I wrote this after weeks of trying to come up with something to give Bifrost. Finally, after pulling an all nighter, I blurted it out before dragging myself to bed. That evening, I posted it on WritersCo, parading 'sleep deprivation' as a helpful writing exercise. Written on May 30, 2006. Note for Mods: My previous upload of this story had a bug regarding my use of no-break spaces. I've since removed those.

Alchemical Haiku

I'm worried that an explanation ruins a haiku, so read the poem before you read this.  Go on.---Okay?  Have you read the poem first?  Now you're allowed to read my winded shpiel.While studying Unicorns in the Man, Myth, and Magic encyclopedia, I came across the idea that alchemists would look for Hermes in the form of a unicorn to herald their success.  The article linked Hermes to the unicorn's androgynity (having a female body but a male horn).  After all, the appearance of Hermes during a successful experiment would mean being transformed into a being of spiritual "gold" without any bodily or social limits. This is my try at what an alchemist might say before being whisked off to perfection. It's from early 2009, by the way.

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This is the first time I've written in such a straightforward voice. Congratulate me. I used to write purple prose. This is only my first draft. I actually finished its tweaks on December 30th, 2004.

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This has all the elements of a fable (for a race I haven't invented yet :P) except for one thing. In THAT world, it's a true story. I also must say that it is spawned from deeper thought than most things I've written. This story was inspired by CS Lewis and Christopher Fry, and if you know who both of them are, you'll see why. PS: I don't remember when I wrote this. It must be before 2004, since that's when I began dating my stories.

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