Victoria Bellamy

Epona and Abel

The start to my version of Tristan and Isolde. I added a bit of a King Arthur feel to this story, based on the scenes I picked out of books by Sarah Zettel. If you've haven't read any of Sarah's books, read them. They are really great! Enjoy the story anyway! I was also influenced by celtic myths. This is a story for my Godmother Heather Naylor, cause I know she'd like it and because she's so great and I think she deserves this

The Modern Ledgend (CH1)

This is a story I made up on the spot and I probably wpn't finish it cause I hardly ever finish long stories. But we'll see.

The Battle

Yet again, nothing special. This one is older than 'Dance fo the Fae' Randomly wrote when i had enough time to just sit and force myself to write.

Take my Hand

This is a romantic story that was mostly based on a song called 'Ordinary day' by Vanessa Carlton, I added in the fantasy parts and built on the romance. I hope you like it.

A little too long

This is a story I made up one day when I was bored. I hope you like it cause it always makes me smile!!!

The Legacy of Gabriel (CH1)

This is my favourite start so far, just came out of my head after reading the DaVinci code. Already well into Chapter One, It'll be finished soon I hope!

To Weave a Tale

A story I made up the day I decided to join Wyvern.A cross between The lady of Shallot and The Phantom of the Opera.

Dance of the Fae

Not really much to tell, sorry that i haven't uploaded anything in about two years but that's the way it is. This was done about a year ago, have written two new beginnings to stories but it'll take me an age to finish them. This was just a 'Pace practice' piece so be nice.


This is a poem that I wrote one day after listening to 'Bring me to life' and 'Going under' by Evanescence and then in a trance like state I wrote this. I really love it and it is truly the best poem I have ever written.