Victor Gonzalez

I'm a 23 years old writer. My favorite writers are horror and fantasy, such as H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Alan Poe and, my favorite by far, Robert e. Howard, creator of Conan, for those of you who did not know who he was. All of them influence my writing and my ideas. I tend to spend most of my days typing some sort of new storie or continuing something that I thought I was satisfied with.When I'm not working on my writing I'm either working or playing computer games. I like Books, movies, music and mead. Favourite movies I used to watch Angel on Fox a long time ago, and I like Dr. Who and occasionally I watch Torchwood, but I don't really have acces to TVs. My favorite Scifi movie is a bit cliche ... Blade Runner. Sue me, I don't care. Favourite books My favorite Scifi book is Neuromancer and Fantasy is Conan. The books, not olny the comics. Favourite music Heheheh, I bet most of you might be familiar with Blind Guardian, but I adore with all my might Bal-Sagoth, musicians that dwell in fantastic lyrics and tales of fantasy and scifi all cramped together.

The Plague and The Jewel - Part 2

After writing the first part I felt that this should go on, maybe grow into something bigger, much bigger, so I am working on the sequels now. Hope you enjoy it.

The Red World: The Jewel and Plague part 1

A hero is sent to a quest by his king to find the cause and cure of a disease striking his people swiftly.

The World of Rokan: The Society of the Flame - part 2

More about the Society of the Flame on the World of Rokan, one of the many worlds inside The Red Universe. All of it my creation.

Nemo Rising

Sequel to the tale of Pentislas. There are many to come, by the way.

The Red Universe's Genesis

This is the tale of the formation of a world I created while playing RPG with some friends. It grew far and wide, becoming the main scenario to most of my adventures.

Vampire Hunting

A story with a character I created for a book that is rotting in my laptop. Still waiting for the dough to publish it.

The World of Rokan: The Society of Fire

A man is assaulted due to past actions and he wakes up to find his life is about to change drastically. Set on the world I created to host my greates chracter, many stories from this world will come in due time. I hope.

The World of Rokan: The Sarageian

Something I cooked up while listening to tv shows. Interesting, ain't it?