Marika Viklund

Wahooo!! So, I've been a member of Elfwood for 11 years now. This is my FanQuarter area! Be amazed! I don't do fan art that often and that's the reason why I haven't joined here until now (2008). I however have been in the sci-fi/fantasy area for all this time (and Wyverns for almost as long) and I am also a Moderator since almost three years back now. Anyway, enough of me for now. I'll write more later! :)   I love One Piece and the Order Of The Stick (Oots) I like One Piece, horse riding, fantasy, music (heavy metal), animals, my snakes, fantasy, dragons, Luffy, fantasy... and so on and so forth... :) Favourite movies Dragon heart, LoTR, Matrix, Nausicaä, One Piece, Star Wars, Predator I-II, Aliens I-III, 10th kingdom, Gakuen Heaven... Favourite books LoTR, Dragonlance, Darkelf saga (Drizzit), Many Terry Pratchett books and all of H.P.Lovecraft. ^^ Favourite music Heavy Metal such as Blind Guardian, Running Wild, Savatage, WASP, Brainstorm, Disturbed, Therion and so on...

Within The Wood

(2004) A poem about a woman that finds a dragon in the wood and takes it with her home. Not rhyming, and sounds a bit funny sometimes 'cause I made it up as a song in my head, and since you can't hear it... well, hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

The Shadows of Selimar Forest

A horror story inspired by the mists hovering above the road and among the trees in the woods that I passed on my way home one late evening. I had also just read three Lovecraft books before and so was very much into horror at the time! It is about a young bard who comes to a small village in a forest and gets more 'inspiration' for his songs then he ever wished. Read it, I won't say more!

Prince Of Silver

(2003)It's a poem about the elven prince Aserian. Or rather... it's a poem to a person in a story that's looking for him. :) Hope it'll be good enough for you, I've never written poems before.


(2003)A poem about the elf Dion's magical and highly sentient sword Kalahari. (I might change the name of it later, but it'll do for the moment) I'm quite happy with how this turned out but I realize that it still might need some polishing! :)