Hello and welcome to my little corner in the wyverns. All right, I'm now 30yrs old and I live in Sweden and I love to draw and paint, and to sit at home making up little stories... that never seems to get written... gotta work on that! :) I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil... making up stories came later when I had learned to draw better. Then I started making up stories about the people that I drew! Nowadays it's often the other way 'round! I make up the characters first, then I draw them! Sadly I hardly ever gets the time (or have the patience) to actually write the stories, but I'm trying. Much of my inspiration comes from the music I listen to, but also from other things as pictures, movies, books, my friends and so on. In the future I hope to become a writer and illustrator... love the thought of writing fantasy books and painting my own covers. As yet I haven't written any of the 'real' stories down... but I'm working on that. :) And please, if you're interested, go see my pictures at the sci-fi/fantasy gallery. Thanks to all of you who comments! And please do tell me of any fatal errors or things that can be made better. Constructive critisism is appreciated. Thanks! Woo... I am working on a new story now. A long one. I'll put it up eventually, but I'm afraid it'll take a while. Just wanted to tell the few who comes by to take a look here! Time for a new update here i think. It's only been like... two years since last time. Anyway, I'm actually slowly working on a longer story and hopefully will also get a shorter story up as well soon-ish. I'll try and finish one of them (and get going with the longer one) during this summer.   Updates: 07 Jan 7: Finally put up my longest (finished) story to date, 'The Shadows of Selimar Forest'. Gaaah! This is ages ago!!! Gotta update soon! I like Fantasy... duh, art, animals, movies... Favourite movies Anything with animals, Aliens 1-3, Predator 1-2, Dragonheart, LoTR, Matrix 1, Independence Day, Dog Soldiers, Vampire in Brooklyn, Ginger Snaps 1-2, more stuff... Favourite books Anything of H.P.Lovecraft, Chronicles and Legends trilogies of Margret Wise and Tracy Hickman (Dragonlance), The Lord of the Rings of Tolkien, Dragonsbane of Barbara Hambly, Prey and Hunters Planet by Steve and Stephani Perry, A SOng of Ice and Fire by George Marin... many more... Favourite music Metal, Heavy Metal, Rock, Death Metal, some other things sometimes...

Within The Wood

(2004) A poem about a woman that finds a dragon in the wood and takes it with her home. Not rhyming, and sounds a bit funny sometimes 'cause I made it up as a song in my head, and since you can't hear it... well, hope you'll enjoy it anyway!

The Shadows of Selimar Forest

A horror story inspired by the mists hovering above the road and among the trees in the woods that I passed on my way home one late evening. I had also just read three Lovecraft books before and so was very much into horror at the time! It is about a young bard who comes to a small village in a forest and gets more 'inspiration' for his songs then he ever wished. Read it, I won't say more!

Prince Of Silver

(2003)It's a poem about the elven prince Aserian. Or rather... it's a poem to a person in a story that's looking for him. :) Hope it'll be good enough for you, I've never written poems before.


(2003)A poem about the elf Dion's magical and highly sentient sword Kalahari. (I might change the name of it later, but it'll do for the moment) I'm quite happy with how this turned out but I realize that it still might need some polishing! :)