Sunset Of Wonders

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Look, little youngster. Look at the sunset, its play of light Look how the mountain of dragons glitter Look how the happy silver dragons return home Look how the lake of colours shines in its wonderful joy Look how the stars joyfully twinkle hello to a new sparkling night Look. Look, and never forget. Because this is the sunset of Wonders.   **FULL VIEW, PLEASE** Yay, it's done, wohoo!!!! Hehe, I have been working on this for so long, it is kinda weird to be done with it. But I am!!! :D Ok, back in July, Jack J. Langar wrote me my 1000th comment. And well, since I had never done gifts for 100th comments, I decided to do it this time. I told him that I would draw anything he wanted, traditionally or digitally, whichever he prefered. His idea was a digital painting of a green dragon sitting, looking up at a great upside-down mountain with caves, which is the home of the dragons in Terry Pratchett's books. He was awesome working with, the idea was great, cool and pretty original! And he gave me room to be open and form the picture as I wanted it. Well, I thought about it for a while, how I wanted the picture composition to be, how the dragon was going to look and so on. And when I started, I of course decided to make a huge project out of it, to make an awesome picture with lots of details where I could learn a lot. So typical me. The original concept changed a little; the dragon was standing, and on a mountain cliff, and I put a little baby dragon in too. The caves of the mountain, or Wurmburg, doesn't really show, but they are there. It was difficult to make it alll right. And then, all the details: all the round scales you see on both dragons were painted separately by hand and highlighted. There must be thousands of scales, I have no idea. The same with the orange front scales and the big scales on the feet. Ok, I won't lie: it was an awful pain sometimes. So tiring. But I did it, and I learnt a lot. I know it is not the best and definitly not the fastest way to draw scales, but I like the way it turned out. The sunset was hard to paint too. First I intended to draw a normal blue sky, but it was too boring. So I experimented with other stuff, and eventually found lots of sunset pictures to inspire me. And they did. I had been pretty stupid in the beginning and not put th dragon on a separate layer above the others. That made everything much more complicated. But I learnt that it can work! Hmm... Well. Was it worth making such a big project out of? It is easy for me to say now. But this took a long time and stopped me somehow from moving on with my other projects. School, a period with lack of motivation and stress, trying to work on several projects at the same time, little sleep and such made the progress even slower. Frustration followed me, and in my most upstressed times this projet didn't help. I'm too ambitious, yes. And I will not paint lots of scales in a good while. But still, I'm happy I did this. I have learned tons. Really, I have. I have learned something about patience too, and about not making way too big projects if you're not aware of what you're doing. And what could be better than learning a lot from a project? So, after these months working on this, I can actually say that I am pretty proud of it. I hope everyone of you guys like it too, especially you, Jack! Thanks for all your patience, your superawesome comments, tag and favs. You rock! Details: link

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