Well hello there,As it seems you've stumbled upon nothing less than my Elfwood profile, I guess I might just as well introduce myself. My name is Vilhelmina, Vil for short, and I've been (or seen myself as) an artist for six years now. This is actually my second Elfwood account however - I got my first one in 2003 but had it removed. It was Elfwood that encouraged me to devote my art to the fantasy genre - which I've loved in writing ever since my mother read me and my brother The Hobbit when we were little (What has it got in its pocketses, precious?). Ever since then I've been hooked, and have my own huge sets of original fantasy characters and worlds to prove it. While a busy life schedule as a student of medicine is keeping me from checking back to Elfwood very often, I try to update every now and then and always read your comments! I get them by e-mail and they put a smile on my face every time, so please do keep sending them! :D The art featured in this gallery is from 2005 and forward. It usually says which year a picture is from in its description. :) That should explain inconsistencies in style. I find it's a really unique collection of my art, as I've been very cleanout-happy in my other galleries back in the days. :)