Character Portrait - Rhovan [Sketch]

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Vilhelmina Ullemar

You might already have guessed this, but character portraits are probably what I enjoy drawing the most. This one isn't finished, it's still at the sketch stage. I might colour it some time, but I decided I liked this version enough to share it with all of you anyway. As for the subject, his name is Rhovan, and he's an elf (you can't really see his ears properly in this picture, but they're nice and pointy all right ;) ). I'm in the process of working out his story, and so far, I know that he's been banished from the realm of elves because he's thought guilty of a terrible crime, one he claims never to have committed, although no one believes him. It's basically his word against heaps of seemingly water-proof evidence. He also has a younger sister, whom is banished along with him seeing as he is her guardian. She, of course, hates this, especially since she doesn't believe he's innocent in the first place. Now, as to where they're banished... It's 18th century Stockholm, with a twist (the time setting probably explains his outfit). Yes, as in the capital city of Sweden Stockholm. The previously mentioned twist mainly consists of a group of quite unusual citizens (among which there is said to be magicians, witches, vampires... that kind of people. And yes, some of them -are-.) and their doings. Now, I shouldn't write too much of the story here, since that would be giving away too much. When I feel like it, I'll probably get around to writing some part of it, and if I do, I'll make sure to publish it somewhere so that you can read it. Until then, this will have to do.This picture *cough*SKETCH*cough* was hand drawn with a graphite pencil. Completed in December 2005.You may NOT take this picture, in part or whole, and use it anywhere without my permission, regardless of the purpose(s) and the reason(s). Duplication in any form is also strictly forbidden.© Copyright to Vilhelmina (me) 2005

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