Name: Ok, this is my name, there are 2 letters, that the computer won't show, but they are read as *ch*. That's why I changed it to just *c*, not wanting to see that ugly *รจ* making a wrong impression about me ;) Age: 17 (man, I'm old..) Birthday: July 26 (best day of the year) :) Gender: Female Race: half Elf, quarter Hobbit, quarter Dragon Eyes: Blue Hair: Can't you see that on the picture? Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia Interests/hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, dueling(swordfighting)... Influences: mostly Tolkien and medieval history Style: Some say it's kind work. Hopes: To become a good artist. UPDATE!!! Three new pics for my colection (go me!) Also, visit my Fan Art Gallery, you'll find more to see there. ;)