The people of my hamlet know me as Ed the village rat killer but that's not all I am.  Despite my specialty in rodent extermination I have wide ranging interests.  Not only am I an expert in the fine art of sausage making, I also tan my own hides and produce a selection of top quality pocket-sized parchments.  Recently, I've even started doing some scribe work. Stop by the hovel anytime to peruse my fine selection of scrolls and sausages.   I like A side business of mine is the selling of manuscripts written by some of my famous relatives. I have an impressive library in the back room of my hovel; feel free to stop by during business hours if you wish to purchase one. Illustrated parchments are 2 chickens or one piglet; non-illustrated parchments cost one chicken or medium duck. Please bring correct change, don't for instance bring a whole milk goat and expect me to break it into three hens a duck and a rooster (this is just a part time job people).