Ville Mönkkönen

I have drawn scetches since I was 14 (that's not so young at all) and fantasy art has always been my thing. Welcome to this gallery of few and selected computer-made paintings. As always, I'm aiming to improve. Some of these pictures date back to 1998, but most are more recent. Try to guess which ones. My name is Ville Mönkkönen, born in 1983. A guy from Finland with too much time to do nasty stuff like painting. Sadly I engage in computer programming most of my time, thus rendering me unable to conclude my artistic intentions. I'm also studying at the Jyväskylä University. Right now the sun is shining and the birds are trying to peck my head off. You may know me from some of my games: Notrium, Magebane 2, Wazzal, The Forge, Bikez II. More are coming all the time. The games are downloadable at the link provided. I'd love if you commented on my pictures here. You will not say that these here are nice pictures, I pretty much already know that. Please be constructive about what you say, or better, be original. Currently I'm having a very slow season with a picture coming out every half a year. I've actually once made a contribution to Elfwood. The FAQ picture was made by me, check it out here: FAQ