Vincent James Bernardo

I guess some introductions are in order. My name is Vincent (Nice to meet you too...), currently living in the land called the Philippine Islands. I began drawing when a classmate in high school challenged me to a drawing contest, in which I lost. I have been practicing (Yup... Self-taught...) ever since until I achieved the level I am in now! I usually only draw character design. However, I am also exploring other subjects as well... So! Anyone who likes to offer an art trade or a collaboration is welcomed to save me from the boredom that is slowly drilling through my skull. I don't do requests anymore, since I am now a workforce statistic. So just click on the Email button on the upper-right portion of this page if anyone wants to contact me. Recent Developments:It has nearly been a year since my last update! I'm so busy but I promise to try and update more often. Anyway, for those of you who are still interested to look at my art, I thank you for the continued support! :D I like Drawing, Computer Graphics, Video Games, Inspiring Others to Greatness with Brutally Honest Insults and Criticisms (or I.O.G.B.H.I.C for short) Favourite books Dragonlance Series