Hello. I am Vincent N. Darlage. I draw, and recently I have been learning to paint. I adore cheerleaders. I am also a fan of the writings of Robert E. Howard, HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, and JRR Tolkien. I enjoy collecting rare books and comic books. I like Conan the Barbarian stories and have a complete collection of Conan the Barbarian comic books. I like to listen to soundtracks (especially Star Wars) and KISS. I like classical music as well (particularly Wagner and Liszt). I like Betty Page, Toyota Celicas, chess, Doctor Who, old Universal monster movies and Dungeons and Dragons. I have a degree in Accounting from the IU School of Business and was born in August of 1970, making me a Leo! (I love being a Leo). My aura is lavender in color, with a strong hint of indigo. We as people are nothing more than a sum of our influences, all co-mingled to create something new from that sum. To say that I have created anything or thought of anything without influence is a philosophical fallacy. My most direct and strongest literary influence is the author Robert E. Howard. I find his writing to be very visual and image-filled and I find no end to the inspiration to be found within his stories. I am also influenced by Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith, JRR Tolkien, Frank Herbert, Bram Stoker, Mary Shelley, Edgar Rice Burroughs and Stephen King. That is not to say I spend all my time reading. I am also heavily influenced by movies. I am a big fan of the old Universal Monster Movies and the British Hammer films. These films, unlike shockers of today, are very character driven (as opposed to special effects driven). The original Star Wars trilogy is also a major influence upon me. I adore ghost and vampire stories, particularly short stories (I don't think horror lends itself too well to the novel format). Indeed, I claim there are only two good vampire novels written - Dracula (Bram Stoker) and 'Salem's Lot (Stephen King). The rest of the genre is best served by those who write short stories or novelettes. Legends and Folklore are another source of inspiration. Tales of werewolves, dragons, and heroes... I love them. Currently I am employed as a teacher, a vocation I enjoy.