Allison Dollar

Wow. I'm already 22. I can't believe I haven't updated in about two-three years. I've tried rereading my story, why didn't anyone tell me how bad it was? Ugh! Well, when I get time (hah!) I'll rewrite the whole thing. I like the idea, but... dear God I couldn't write when I was 15. But, all that aside, I kind of like my story, so I'll be updating it again. I actually have the next chapter finished, but I won't upload it until I get four more done. My Friends: I have some great friends here on Elfwood and you should go and visit them now. Great stuff, they have :D Enjoy! Nathaniel S. Summers Nehima Lirael Lisa Eshkenazi Chris A. Jackson P.S. I LOVE JUSTIN!! WOO!! (Bet ya thought I would forget to say something here... but I didn't! Cuz I love him!! ((I am thirty now. I kinda want to leave everything here as some sort of glimpse into my dark, glittery teenage years. OMG. This is great! <3))

Chapter 5: Another Reading

Perhaps she will see more this time?

Chapter 8: Enter the Spirit World

The lessons continue, with a few interuptions.

Chapter 7: Lessons

Stuff Mya needs to know so she can come back from her quest. To heck with come back, she needs this knowledge to get there!

Chapter 14: ...Fate...

Another little intermission with the thirteen.

Chapter 13: ...Fight...

Will Mya win? And how??

Chapter 23: Cooking and Mindreading

An interesting chapter. More things are figured out befor Mya becomes one of the thirteen.

Chapter 3: Flight to the City

And the lord took him...

Defeating Darkness Chapter 1: So Many Questions

This story is about a girl and a boy who have been chosen by prophecy to defeat the darkness that haunts the spirit world. The girl is also chosen to be one of the thirteen rulers that follow the mysterious force known simply as 'They.' In this first chapter Mya wakes up, unsure of whats going on..

Chatper 2: Another World

The second chapter, what will happen to Mya and Hermes? Does she live?

Chapter 6: Crystal Gazing

The thirteen keep in touch and discuss Mya.

Chapter 4: The Purpose of the Reading

What will they see? What will be her quest?

Chapter 9: Lost and Found

And, once again Mya is alone in the dark... well.. 'alone'

Chapter 16: The Beginning of the Quest

Everyone wants to know who Mya is, especially the people that found her in the woods. (Yeah, I will go back to chapter two and give ya a better description of her... later)

Chapter 21: Searching

Yep, Mya is reaching the end of her quest, but might Jeramy stand in the way? Or his mother? Who knew Jeramy had the other magic ring...

Chapter 22: Searching, again

I found I haven't uploaded these next three chapters. I thought I'd go ahead and upload them.

Chapter 19: Twice the Healing

The nineteenth chapter of this rather interesting novel. I would suggest you go back to the beggining, and read from the top. Not to say that you can't read just this chapter, but parts of it won't make sense. In this chapter... well... read!

Chapter 11: Fright...

 And once again Mya finds herself in the midst of a frightening predicament.

Chapter 18: Pick a Flower, Win a Feather

The 18th installment of my story, and I am quite proud of this chapter. I know its not perfect, but, its fun. The return of HERMES!! Woo!

Chapter 10: Returning Home... Maybe?

Is Mya ready to begin her quest?

Chapter 12: ...Found...

At least the thirteen can watch, but what can they do?

Chapter 15: ...Flight... and Found again.

How is Mya going to get out of this one?

Chapter 20: A Gathering of Things

Yep, chapter twenty, sorry for the wait. Stress and School and Sickness. Anyway, Mya goes off and does some things in this chapter. We get a hint about what her past was like...

Chapter 17: Jeramy's Secret

Yep, chapter 17 isn't my favorite, but the important thing is that it is up. I see so much I want to do differently. Just so you know, there is so much foreshadowing here its not even funny, but, no one has even guessed the end at this point so ^_^ Guess I am too shadowy... and vauge... and... well... Hope you like anyway! I sure dont... this one's gonna go through a rewrite. OH!!! And for all the fans of HERMES there is a picture of him in my fantasy gallary. *grins evily*