A night to remember...

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Tara *Violet witch* Nester

        The night air was cool against my skin, making me shiver a little. Inumerable stars peeked out in the gloom. A soft streak crossed the sky, representing the Milky Way galaxy.  The two moons Syinde and Mildoore hovered low in the sky, giving a faint lighting. I leaned against the balcony, contemplating what would happen next. Then I couldn't hold it any longer, and broke down, sobbing.       The people inside ignored me, continuing with the celebration. I lifted my head, looking out at the sky. The last time I would look up from here.  The celebration inside was designed to be like what it was like at a Royal Ball a thousand years ago, in the Ages of Old. I wore a blue-blak dress to set off my eyes, and bring out my blackish hair. I didn't want to leave Candrebur, my home planet, to be prenticed out to the Empress. Yes, I was to be the next Supreme Ruler, and I didn't want it.                           Someone came out of the doors behind me, with an orb-light.  Sniffling, I turned to see Mark, my boyfriend. "Lizbet? What's wrong?" He came over to me in one quick stride, holding me in  his strong arms. I inhaled deeply, taking in his cologne. The last time I would smell that, too.  "I don't want to leave here. 'Cuase this is home, not Hilewr." I answered. "Aww, Lizbet." He kissed me, then continued, "I'm gonna miss you, so much. But your future career has been chosen for you, just like everyone else's. I look at it like this; I can clame I once dated the Empress! You should find at least one positive thing... just one. I know you, you can." His green eyes sparkled as I looked up into them. And I thought that I had to try, just for him. Even if the government misused the trust to it's people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                     This drawing was drawn on the back of a school progress report, out of boredom. I then loved it, and finalized it. Done completely in pencl, with the exception of the night sky, done in my program. It's a sort of anime-realism, explaing away the emotion lines on her face. I probably couldn't have made her xpression without 'em. (If you want to see my colored version, tell me in the comments, I'll add it then!)

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