Ashton Stewart

Well, long time no post of new pictures.  Sorry for not being here guys, life has kept me busy.  I have been working on my school work a LOT, such as my normal classes as well as ROTC and my Japanese class.  Nihongo ai anyone?  Anyhow, the year has been pretty good to me thus far, and the end of the first quarter is at end, that being tomorrow on 9/27/05.    I've also ranked up in ROTC as well!  Say hello to my PO1 (Petty Officer First Class) birdie!  *hello*  Soon enough I will by the long yearned for Chief Petty Officer, as well as have my Color Guard and Drill Team ropes of joy (the colorfull tied rope things you see on military people).  Japanese hass been awsome as well, and the teacher couldnt be better.  It may be a satilite course, but I'm still learning more then I could ever learn on my own.  Konichiwa by the way.  Honor roll is not too far out of reach either, and I pray that I'll get it. Well, soon enough you should see a few new drawings.  Hope you all like em!  Sayoonara! Ashton Stewart