Aleksandar Vjestica

In the beginning I had pen in my right, paper in my left and wore my diaper. I displayed my imagination at the pre-school time and won regulary at the school contests in Zagreb. At the end of my elementary school I was interested in the Sci-fi art by winning two SFERAKON special prizes for young talents and was gladly introduced to a bunch of SF-freaks (formally known as the Croatian SF Society 'SFera') like me. At that time I also started experimenting with some amateur animation attempts. There I discovered literature for roleplaying and in time everybody wanted something from their brains to be drawn on the paper. At my high school for fashion design I forgot entirely my school duties in favor of fantasy/SF art and roleplaying design. After high school I got my first professional job at a feature-length animated movie. Now I am a student of animation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb (which has a long tradition of its 'School of Animated Film', including names such as Dusan Vukotic, Zlatko Bourek, Neugebauer brothers and Borivoj Dovnikovic) and I intend to become a second Croatian 'Oscar' winner... Well, I don't care about it, just want to pull out from me the best my imagination could conceive.