Magnus Lund

uhm...time for a new bio, got tired of the other one(or parts) of it example I did the classic 'I'm xx years old' which of course I've forgotten to update which means I was 18 years old during the last two now I'm born 1983 and you have to do the math yourself....for the record I still don't do hot naked chicks. ok now back to this name is Magnus(notice BIG writings at top of the page)I live in this little odd country called Denmark(in skandinavia..NOT CAPITAL OF SWEDEN!!!) and needless to say I like to draw... my hopes for this site is to get some feedback on my works(positive or negative...doesn't matter) I have had a huge creativity block lately...too much school and other weird stuff going on in my life...and I'll hope by getting some positive and constructive criticism(NOTE CONSTRUCTIVE!!!) so that I can get back to drawing some more. if you have to criticise please keep it CONSTRUCTIVE I need to know what it is you don't like...or what you think is wrong with it...otherwise I can't do anything about it or improve it.(not that I necesarily(can't spell) will) I'm nearly inspired by everything...from dreams to other artists in the woods. hmmmmm...also I want to thank Thomas(the creator of elfwood) for...well creating elfwood, it's such a good initiative...I'm sure that I'm not the only one who appreciate his's such a great place for artist to seek inspiration and get feedback on their own art works. BIO UPDATE! (November 23rd) Not long ago I suddenly realised the risk of somebody copying my works…so to prevent this to some degree, I’ve now added a copyright notice right onto the pictures… Of course it’s sad that such measures has to be taken to prevent people from stealing your works…but so far I think I’ve managed to place the copyright notices so that they won’t ruin the pictures totally but still manages to be disruptive enough to discourage or make it more difficult to any would be copyright infringers, to steal my work… with this said it is of course clear that any infringement of my art is NOT TOLERATED and if I ever find out of such, there will be no mercy and the infringer will suffer fully from the consequences if you want to use my art in any way ASK ME! You’re more likely to get anything out of it if you ask me first rather than just doing it (except of course for it to also being illegal) with this said, it should be noted that this elfwood-site is the ONLY place I have published my pictures, so if any of you recognise any of the art displayed here, any other place be the internet or whatnot…those are illegal copies and if you by any chance should remember where you saw it…PLEASE NOTIFY ME SO I CAN TAKE ACTION! (Provide link or address to where you saw the pic.) on a more happy note, I’ve decided to try out commissioning E-mail me regarding this. note if somebody is interested in buying the already existing artworks, I have backups of the files from before they got the copyright notices, and these notices will of course be moved to more appropriate places on the pictures. …also if by any chance somebody should be interested I’m currently looking for work…be it freelance or whatnot…again E-mail me regarding this. sorry for the lack of pictures in this update…something is on the way don’t worry ;)