Please visit my DeviantART Gallery to see my other works. I'm a 30ish mother of 3, married to the man of my dreams. Art is a hobby of mine though my main background is in religious history and counseling. I like to help people to find themselves. I don't see people as they are, but rather like to look at what I see 'inside' of them. I don't see things like normal people, but then what exactly is the definition of 'normal' anyway? I have painted since I was a child and took many courses in figure drawing, but concentrated mainly on the female form. Nowadays, I work mostly with DAZ|Studio (which is a free 3D program simillar to Poser) as it offers me the ability to create more realistic characters without quite so many tools (as small children and space constrictions make that rough). Many of my works are commissioned pieces or character work from my own writings of role-playing games I participate in. Please note the copyright information. Prints of my work can be found on my deviantART account.Links! My DeviantART Gallery: Where I keep most of my work. My Written Work: The full gammut of my writings. All images herein are watermarked and © Valarie Nicharico AKA "Vaia"NO unauthorized reproductions are allowed.              I like art, writing, theology, philosophy, psychology, poly-ticks, and most of those other controversial subjects that usually get me in a lot of trouble... Favourite movies Labyrinth, Last Unicorn, Legend, and Dark Crystal of course. And almost anything that came before 1990... Favourite books Dean Koontz, Clive Barker, Stephen King and Anne it. Favourite music 80's rock and pop...anything recent that sounds similar :p