Rhett Tudor

Hello, I'm back after being gone for a few years. I have recently just got my password back and gained access again, if you are receiving responses for comments from a few years ago, its because I'm just getting back to my account to respond. Please check out my new pics, and keep in touch. I'll be putting new stuff up soon. Thanks, Rhett Bio: I have been drawing from my imagination since I can remember. Me and my brother used to try to out do eachother in what we were doing. Now some of my art is getting real good,and I get grudging praise from him. I am constantly trying to improve upon what I have done and constantly try to out do myself. Please enjoy my art and let me know what you think. thanks for looking and please comment by clicking the bottom button, I really want opinions, good, bad, whatever! But please note if you come it makes me feel good that others are looking. Thank you   Please check out my Friends And others I admire   Nathan Tumulty - My brotherMary Tumulty - A Great ArtistJorieke Savelkouls - A FriendRobert Thomas - A Very Talented ArtistSarah 'Mel' Hampton - A FriendJeff Fowler - Awesome ArtistJessica M. Douglas - Awesome Angel ArtistCarrie Hall - A Very Talented Artist All Your Base Are Belong To Us