Michael Moss

Artistically speaking, I am what the ever wise (and ever so arrogant) WYLDE would call "a fantastical beau, who adorns each magotty fly-flirt that creeps out of his mouldy fancy with a long dedication, and a fine preface to little matter, thinking that my pigmy production is as naked without these ornaments, as a puritane without his band, or a whore without her patches". It is, indeed, true, that I never received any formal education in any of the arts (well, perhaps the trivium and quadrivium, but that's quite another story) but nevertheless, I have managed to bring myself to a decent, and I daresay, rather good level through perseverance, effort, and, why not, a pinch of boredom. Apart from drawing and writing much of my interest lies in what my most irrational love for things ancient dictates, viz, classical/historical fencing (that is, fencing as a martial art, not a sport), baroque music performed on period instruments (who doesn't like theorbas? Face it -- you know you want one), living in some sort of XIXth century time warp (except for my computer, but that's a different matter), and fpeaking in a mofte unnerving aulde Englifh. I'd assume this tells a good deal about me and my excentric folly, yes.