Kayleigh Clarke

I love anything to do with fantasy realms,  and love to read this genre and especially love a book with a dragon or two in it!!!I am a professional artist and will happilly work in any media, currently i am mainly working in textiles but have had illustration work published also. i dont bite so if you see something you like just let me know, if its for sale it will be specified, if you have an idea of your own just note me and ill try my best to realise your vision!always open for commissions!i will take a maximum of three art trades per year as im poor and need the money!the specifications are that it needs to me of a traditional art nature please, i am particularly obsessed with dragons so thats always a plus but any fantasy creature is great! :) I like reading, art, dance, film oh yes and did i mention i like dragons???? :P Favourite movies too many to mention!! Favourite books Too many to mention! Favourite music Too many to mention!!