Vera Scudder

I am an avid reader who reads everything from sci fi to horror to mystery and yes the occasional romance novel.  I started writing when I was six and have no plans to stop anytime soon.    Fantasy is certainly one of my strengths though I do also enjoy writing about vampires. When I do turn my television on I enjoy cop shows and crime dramas as well as sci fi shows - I can't get enough Stargate.

Elder Guardian Chapters 1-5

The SKinwalkers were a race of shapeshifters charged by the gods with the defense of all goodly folk. Long ago, they were exiled for crimes committed by just a few of their brethren. The discovery that they have become the unseen Guardians of the civilized lands leads them and the Elves to the brink of war. Updated, mostly asthetic and grammatical chages.

A New Love

A prequel to Elder Guardian, explaining how a mere scribe ends up married to the most powerful Guardian. Can be read as a stand alone but I'd recommend reading at least the introduction to Elder Guardian to understand the world they live in. Complete.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 2

The Elder Guardian arrives in Murientel with her escort.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 4

Amanya faces the consequences of being back in the city where her life was ripped apart and Jasalreth helps her battle her demons.

Out of the Shadows, Prologue

This is the sequel to Elder Guardian. Since I've had complaints about the length of my work, I'll post each chapter seperately to make it easier to read

Night Terrors

After a tragedy, a family moves to the Denver mountains only to find themselves in the middle of a waking nightmare. To save her children, a widowed mother is going to have to face an ancient evil but she won't have to face it alone. Help comes from the strangest places and in the strangest forms. Incomplete but I'm still working on it.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 1

Telshander Silvermoon calls the Free Alliance to Murientel to meet with Amanya to work out a lasting peace between the Guardians and the civilized lands.

Ancestors Call Part 1

In a land where magic sleeps and peace reigns, an ancient evil stirs to haunt the inhabitants yet again. A dragon and five teenagers are all that stand between the people and a living nightmare. I tried to break this story down further than my other works to make it easier to read.

The Hunted

A very short story involving a vampire and her prey.

Night Terrors Conclusion

Laura confronts the vampire with a werewolf at her side.

Out of the Shadows, Chapter 3

The entire Free Alliance meets Amanya for the first time.

Warrior Queen

Once a gently reared maiden, the queen of Heartwood has hardened into a battle weary warrior. She hides away her young son, the only living heir to Heartwood and sets out on a desperate quest to save her people, her son and her realm from annihilation. Not finished yet but I'll update it periodically.

Ancestors Call Part 2

Two more characters begin their journey

Elder Guardian Chapters 6-10

This is the conclusion of Elder Guardian. Updated, mostly asthetic changes and editting for grammar and spelling.

Night Terrors Part 2

An unusual take on the werewolf versus vampires conflict. In this part, Laura actually goes looking for the vampire to bring this nightmare to an end.


A mortal girl dares to enter a holy place to find love and magic in forms that she never expected.


A wandering bard finds a traumatized child wandering alone and takes him in to raise as her own. Ten years later, she discovers by accident that he is the missing - and presumed dead - prince of Heartwood. His father insists on taking the child home though he allows the bard to accompany them. Will her love be enough to save both father and son from the madness that is trying to consume them? Incomplete.

To Dream Alone

On a field of victory, one woman gives into her grief and guilt over the loss of her lover. Complete.

Ancestors Call Part 3

The last two characters begin their journey. The next part will bring the characters together and get the quest truly underway.