Matthew Davidson

My wife's making me do this...She's an amazing artist with her own gallery, but since this is about ME, I humbly welcome you to my page. I'm a Florida native (boring I know) who has been designing costumes for naked mice and other oversized animals at Disney for 15 years. My love of fantasy and art began when I was a child with my nose in a lot of books, which my parents, both educators, encouraged. Between books and Disney I became fascinated with an artist's ability to create a whole world to inhabit. Sort of making us subcreators, engaging in the same joy I believe God must have had coming up with this one (which would be even nicer if we didn't screw it up!) My favorite illustrators include Arthur Rackham, John Singer Sargent, N.C. Wyeth, Drew Struzan, Edmund Dulac, James Gurney and Brian Froud. I owe a debt of gratitude to the earlier illustrators whose powers illuminated the worlds of Peter Pan and the Arabian Nights (to name a few)for my nascent skull of mush. I love conceptual art and design for movies, and much of what I'll include in my gallery are submissions of that sort. I'm tremendously excited by the recent explosion of epics based on books I've loved from Lord of the Rings to Narnia. My favorite conceptual artists include Alan Lee, John Howe, Ian McCaig, Ryan Church, Sang Jun Lee, and others. My wife Dawn and I love reading our favorite books together, usually smothered by the 70-pound body of our faithful dog Ivan who inserts himself at his liberty. Enough already! Enjoy! and may I say I gain much from constructive criticism.