Erin Wall

Hi! You've stumbled into my gallery. My goal is to make you stumble on out. After leaving your comments, of course. My updates are very sporadic, mostly due to the fact that until recently, I have been a gigantic computer mooch. and not all of the computers I've used over the years have had access to scanners. Now, I have a little laptop, and a scanner of my own (I have yet to see if it works yet), so maybe I can spend a little time working on improving my space here. Many thanks go out to Thomas and the crew, who have put up with the headache of this site over the years. My main media is still pencil, but I've been dabbling into watercolor for years, too. My main problem is that I'm a lefty and I tend to drag my hand through the still wet media that I opt to use. You'd think I would learn a way to quit that by now. My favorite artist by far has been Wendy Pini. Before I read any Elfquest, I would never have dared to draw a humanoid. Yes, I lean more to the anime style of art, but it fits to tell the stories I like better. I don't know if I'd call it my favorite movie, but 'Treasure Planet' will always keep my attention...Maybe I'll get back to doing more Sci-Fi stuff again. 2015- Eh, new set up. this is gonna take a little getting used to. No scrolling through the pictures, more like how I have to sludge through DeviantArt. Not so much a fan. No browsing through artists by rooms of galleries, so I can't see my neighbors anymore. And re-sizing so I don't have to squint so hard to read captions is nigh impossible. Kinda pushes me more toward Elftown and Hedda's design. (Kinda, only because I do still wander the E-Town at times)