Tinrook of the Solayaj

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Anthony Wallace

This is a sketch of Tinrook,one of the Yajora. The Yajora are the last remaining tribe of Djhora on the continent of Shekinah. After the great demon hunt, the Jurai, inspired by the recently penned Treatise of Demira, began a second campaign against the demons, this one to wipe them out completely. Little by little, the remaining Djhora (demons in physical bodies culled from the shapes of animals) were pushed back and rounded up until making a final stand on the slopes of Yorushk Sola. The Jurai were unable to complete their purge as the slopes of the Yorushk were far too treacherous for such an assault, even with the combined strength of several other warrior nations. In the end, with casualties heavy on both sides, and many of the allied nations wiped out completely, the Jurai chose to strike a bargain with the Djhora. The agreement was that no further purges would be attempted, as long as the Djhora remained on Yorushk, isolated from all human societies. In addition, the Djhora demanded that in reparation for the wholesale slaughter of their kind, the Jurai would send their dying warriors to Yorushk in a ritual of farewell to the realm of the living. Over the centuries that followed, the Djhora of Yorushk took on the form of the goats and rams of the mountain, to facilitate travel over her craggy peaks. They took the name 'Yajora' in commemoration of the combining of the clans, but as is always the case with demons, territorial and philsophical differences split the Yajora into many yaj, or clans. The dominant clan is the Fausirayaj, the Snow Clan, massive hulking shaggy ram demons that inhabit the areas above the snowline. Their immense size and strength has made them bullies towards the other clans, and many of them look to overthrow the Fausira and end their marauding ways. The normally peaceful Mijoyaj, or forest clan, inhabit the haunted woods surrounding Yorushk. Constant harassment from the other clans has turned them into warriors of stealth, known for their sleek black coats, incredible agility and ability to blend into the shadows. Tinrook, the beastie pictured here, is a member of the Solayaj, the Highrock clan. The highrocks are typified by their straight horns, shorn patches of skin and ritual tattoo glyphs. Here's an excerpt from the book that includes Tinrook. 'The hulking creature didn't answer, he just glared down at her as if in so doing the weight of the mountain itself would bury her under the rocks. As she watched, his left eye shifted in it's socket, moving from the side placement common with the goats he so resembled. Jihada imagined he thought he would look more menacing as a human, and she had to admit, the disparity between the two eyes made her a bit uneasy. The silence went on for some time, neither willing to give ground, until Jihada found her eyes wandering. Fascinated by the glyphs burned into his skin, Jihada's curiosity finally got the better of her. 'Those glyphs you have, they look almost like ancient Jurai. What do they say?' The creature turned it's head, fixing her with it's goat eye and rumbled, 'What for your peoples? Warding away demons, yes?' Jihada nodded meekly, enthralled with his words. 'Mine says 'keep away little girls'. Looks like neither of them works.' The creature harumphed, and folded it's arms, going silent again. Taken aback, Jihada found herself speechless as well.' This is just a pen sketch. I'll put up the final picture as soon as I'm done with it.

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