Walter knepp

The Beauty of Carriage House Garage Doors Over a century ago, carriage house doors were mainly used by affluent families to protect their horse barns and carriage areas, thus its name. Now, carriage doors are widely used as garages doors to add to the houses' aesthetic appeal and ancient look. This garage door style is manufactured by several garage door repair Costa Mesa manufacturers and do come with different garage door accessories and in different colors and materials. Carriage house garage doors are also commonly embellished with details, which highlight their ancient looks, like black wall lamp houses and door handles. Furthermore, they are usually side-hinged and configured in a swing-out double-door setting. They are commonly made of polished wood, which emphasizes the doors' elegance and ancient feel. Indeed, carriage house garage doors are one of the best styles ever created by garage door manufacturers. What's even more amazing is that their parts, though seemingly ';ancient'; and price-y, are in truth very common, moderately priced, and durable.

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