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I don't like the background much, but elfwood doesn't allow PNG's, and with a white bg details would have gone lost, So I kind off... improvised.FOR THOSE NOT INTERESTED, SKIP THE STORY PART(sorry for my bad english)This here is Alexander. A dragonboy from my story called 'Black Lotus'. The lifetree was a try on symbolism. Lifetrees are trees that store the essence of memories and dreams (the orbs). A lifetree gets smaller/bigger depending on the lifespan of the person. The lifetrees in the story don't look like this at all, and they can't sit in it, I just tried something new. Lifetrees contain nightmares/dreams and good/bad memories. Most people don't know where their own tree grows,The windows look back at his long imprisonment. On one day lannie and la-ela stumble upon some dungeon when they are travelling, meeting him. He has no name, he only carries a prison tag along with him (the one at the upper branch) saying X-26. After some long pondering Lannie and La-ela decide to call him Alexander, Alex in short, so he has no backname.He fights with that sword he is holding (and no I'm no japanese culture wannabe freak, I studied the damn thing) and is much stronger then he appears to be at first. Very pale because he has been locked up for a long time (look at his face) and also blind at his right eye (no iris) and a big scar over his lips. He doesn't speak for a long time and when he does, he hasn't got much happy stuff to talk about.He travels along with the girls, as he hasn't got much better to do, he wants revenge but also wants to protect his new friends. The big chained radar stands for the difficult socializing problem he has, he's too quiet. They (la-ela and lannie) don't know a thing about alex till something happens that makes him talk...The collar on the tree is a brimstone necklace, contains the soul of a demon/devil like creature taking part control over the owner. Painfull experience. Alex happened to be a soldier at the royal court wearing this, being the right hand of evil (the empress). There where two soldiers at the empress command, he was one of them, ordered to kill anything that looks like a female angel (or in other words- lannie). But alex is the one set up, and he finds out about the truth just in time, and then he decides to protect lannie with his life... SO they stick together from then on...The story is much more complicated like that... it still sounds all fuzzy ... I'll write it down completely when I have some decent character description of all persons/characters. I wrote the story some years ago btw, many many years ago (8-9). It was a story to help me get past childhood trauma's by putting them in somesort of story, so the story contains real life moments, and made up parts.MAY 2006

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