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This might become a series of works around my main characters. Lannie is my alter ego- always wears black ^_^. (bad habit of mine, always hiding under many layers of clothes) Lannie's Lifetree: Lannie loses her parents at the age of 5. Her parents where a fairyangel and dragonboy/man (little more explenation on those two later). Her village was the only village where those two 'species' could live together in peace without being bothered but her village got whiped out by the empress and mercenaries. She has a brother but loses him at the day of the big fire... She meets a new man, (like a nomad) who takes care for her till she is 11/12, then he 'dies'(lost in the war) and she is on her own again, having a very difficult time (....) This all made her quite the depressed girl. She has many issues and troubles. The demon cats are an appearance to her, only she can see them, and they remind her of her bad past all the time, but also strangely help her from time to time. (cat at the top branch). She is skilled in weaponry (the nomad dude teached her) and magic-use. And then at one faithfull day when she is 16, she meets La-ela... who hates growing up, and prefers laughing at life and kicks other people buts for no reason... wich shocks the hell out of lannie. Still they manage to get along very well... as she is a very rich aristocrats daughter, nl the mayor of some important Sidi (is a race invented by another artist on elfwood too: daphne van der woude)city, and lannie just being the poor little thin girl she is, they decide to go on a journey because La-ela is sick and tired of her 'locked up in the golden cage' lifestyle. La-ela is better at hand to hand combat then lannie, so she teaches her how to kick some ass... And Lannie is the smart know it all one, very good at magic use (hence the books in the lower branches and the little potion bottle on the tree) Lannie's most important item probably is that golden amulet/locker she got from her mom. It carries prove of a certain lifestyle that has been kept hidden, and she will try to uncover the secrets again, ending the war (but not knowing ANY of that in the beginning) The locker also acts like a memory storage like the tree itself, but one you can carry along... The bow isn't her favorite weapon, but is the weapon she starts with. Like I said a while ago, the story is super complicated and I'm just telling bits and parts but nobody can see the whole part yet. But I'm working on that. It's a long and complicated story with many people who get connected on the strangest ways. It even reflects some parts that really happened in my life, but none of them are written down yet, and if they would be written down, you probably wouldn't know wich parts are based on real life stories. And the story isn't as stupid and cliche as it sounds at the moment. When I finish the writing, you will think 'oooh so that's what's it about' (I hope...) If I ever finish... Anyway I'm still working on a decent way of putting it in one whole... and I'm working on that like it's a project ^^ I started drawing as a Therapy (didn't have the greatest childhood) and the story was from when I was a little girl, badly hurt by lots of bad things that happened, and I kept altering it. It's called Black Lotus btw...MAY 2006

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