reha ardic

i'm deeply influenced by art nouveau and deco movements, celtic art, gothic tidbits and famous fashion designer and artist erte.also, anyone can draw some girl with horns or a classic dragon. in all my pieces, i tried to create something different!a thought; here, or at deviantart or epilogue, if you don't be a "comment whore" and freaking comment every freaking piece submitted (more or less) ---- with a "freaking", beatiful or so good, or pretty! fuck off? who the hell needs a comment like that? ----never expect to be popular. (i left deviantart thinking, what the hell, skinners and walpaper makers and fractal dumbasses and watercolors and vectors in the same place? bull.) and i left epilogue because it wasn't accepting b/w works or line it's a freaking stupid thing maybe, this whole share you art thing... i don't know... I like psychology, philosophy, literature, quantum mechanics and all sorts of other wise ass stuff out there. i'm also interested with astrology though. Favourite movies lord of the rings. stargate, stargate atlantis, solaris. Favourite books even though i play frp and rpg games and loving it (baldurs gate, neverwinter nights etc.) i'm not really into books when it comes to fantasy or sci-fi. see, reading is a serious subject to me and i'll always choose something i can learn from. Favourite music