Kristopher Brown

OK, so it's April 19, 2008! Woo! My ongoing story of Skye, Aidan, and Caleb is progressing! Thank God. Anyway, for an update!Chapter 8  of O.A.W. is slowly progressing through the ticket moderators, so let's all hope it arrives here soon! All chapters (starting from chapter 9) will be put into third-person view. The earlier chapters will also be put into third-person view. *Honestly, I don't think first-person view is really my thing; I seem to drift from past tense to present tense sometimes, and we all know how irritating editing can be!Of course, special thanks to a few people in particular for leaving a few comments and for some good critquing skills.1.) CK Miller: She's an amazing artist, and an even better writer. I suggesyt you guys check out her work. Rosie Wingedwolf Muchanic: Another amazing artist. She's funny, too! Nathan Cel Medwin: This guy's pretty cool. Has some good artwork up on here too. Drop him a line. Jake Hook: So, this guy is a maniac. He's a good writer, has some good stories up on here as well. Alyssa B. Green: Last, but certainly not least! Alyssa is...well...I don't think I've words enough to describe Alyssa unless I jumbled a bunch of crazy words together. Anyway, Alyssa is an AMAZING artist, and an even better writer. Go check out her vampire story, Crimson. It's amazingly terrifying. ^^ Well, there's an update for all of ya. *points to the above mentioned names'* Thanks guys, for all your help! I like Writing (well isn't that obvious?) Art Photography Reading Music Pirates Ninjas Magic Friends World of Warcraft Favourite movies Moonlight Supernatural Star Wars Saga Lord of the Rings Trilogy Eragon Harry Potter Series The Matrix Trilogy Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy The Invisible Favourite books The Tower of Shadows by Drew C. Bowling The Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer Eragon/Eldest by Christopher Paolini The Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling Warriors series by Erin Hunter Anything by Ted Dekker Anything by R.A. Salvatore Anything by Stephenie Meyer Favourite music Saosin Guyz Nite Blue October Plain White T's Orange Range Three Doors Down Citizen Cope The All-American Rejects Guster American Hi-Fi 311 Ill Nino Lostprophets Coheed & Cambria The Academy Is Armor For Sleep Skindred Jem Nada Surf Incubus Billy Talent Matchbook Romance Cute Is What We Aim For Linkin Park Coldplay Blink 182 Yellowcard Muse Teriyaki Boyz Chiodos Trapt Dashboard Confessional The Shins Panic! At the Disco Five For Fighting Rise Against Limp Bizkit Boys Like Girls Goldfinger Paramore Aiden Hot Hot Heat Kansas Gym Class Heroes Korn

On Angel's wings chapter 2

Skye is still a little freaked out about the whole guardian angel thing going on with Aidan. She learns a few things about both him, and Heaven. Aidan decides to go to Six Flags.

On Angel's Wings chapter 4

A look at things from Aidan's point of view. Aidan reunites with his brother Joel, and visits Heaven for an eventful six hours.

On Angel's Wings chapter 3

Skye and Aidan go to Six Flags. Aidan sees someone he knows, and Skye reunites with her old friend, Emma. During Aidan's absence, the roller coaster that Skye goes on gets stuck upside down.

Apocalyptica, Chapter 1

In an alternate dimension on Earth, an advanced race of aliens have taken over the world. Nathan and Wednesday, both looking for a way to defeat these monstrous aliens, decide to team up and exterminate them.

An Unending of Monsters

This is the first in a 3 part short story saga about the struggle of vampires and werewolves. A story of how a coven of vampires are hunted down by a malicious pack of werewolves.

The Burrblade Chronicles Chapter 1

The first chapter of my tale. Thomis meets a stranger who tells him of a war.

On Angel's Wings chapter 1

Skye Fielder is a simple high school graduate with plans on heading to Drexel University. She has no father, no boyfriend, an overprotective mother, and something your average high school graduate doesn't-a guardian angel.

On Angel's Wings chapter 8

Skye's point of view. Since her date with Caleb didn't exactly go as planned, Skye decides to head home and get some sleep. But a certain nightmare forces her to stay awake.

On Angel's Wings chapter 7

Caleb's point of view! Caleb is having doubts on who really killed Isabelle, and makes a truce with Aidan. Also, Caleb takes Skye out to dinner.