Rachel Streu

I like to draw anthros, regular animals and just about anything else eccept people.  The rest of my time that is not spent in drawing is spent on reading or playing my flute.  My favorite books are the Redwall series and just about all fantasy books.  I have many pets(cats, dogs, chickens, guinies, and a lizzard) and that is where I get my insparation from.  I am also called Wartalon and Lunareye on other art sites and you might see it in some of my copyrights.  I am willing to do commissions, but you have to e-mail me at  wartalon@mail.com to get other information. If you would like to see more of my artwork, my DeviantArt account (where I have all of my non-fantasy artwork) is  http://lunareye.deviantart.com/  .  I hope you like my art.