Erin Washburn

My name is Erin Washburn. I'm a freshman (finally!), and I like to write fantasy/sci-fi stories and poetry, if that's allowed here. I want to become an author one day, or at least put my overly-active imagination to good use instead of sitting at a desk all day (no offense to those that do). I like to read Stephen King, Diana Wynne Jones, and Thomas Harris, and I like taking pictures of cloud formations. Or at least, I would if I had a camera. That's me, myself, and I, unless you happen to be my missing half.


For love of a child.


This is the story of love at its height. Whether you beleive in a god, in many gods, or in the demons, or nothing at all, I think you will find this story interesting.


Another poem of mine, something pulled from the tangles of my mind and something I tried to make sense of.


For some reason, I thought this up while reading badly written personality quizzes... Look, I don't mock where you get your ideas, you don't mock where I get mine. Enjoy!


I'm not really sure how this came to be, although it's really more of a poem than a story. Maybe if you read it, you can tell me for yourself


People are always talking about Echo and how she wasted away... what about Narcissus? What does he have to say about life before his rooting?

Once Upon A Time

This is a story about morphing from beauty into ugliness, from an angel to a demon, falling through the stars and feeling yourself being ripped away in little bits and pieces until you're gone.


Just a random little short that popped out of nowhere. Reading back over it, I can see some Prometheus/Atlas allusions in it ish. Also a few hints to the writing style used in Neil Gaiman's story about St. Nicholas found in 'Smoke and Mirrors.'

Faces In The Fog

I was bored one morning, and it was foggy outside, so I looked out the window and thought I saw the face of a little boy and, well, here you go.