Billy Mosig

Dios mío, I just realized how much my profile needed an update... I am 23 years old and currently studying Chemical Food Engineering in Mexico City. I realize now I should have stuck to a career in art, but  it's too late haha... I guess I find some internal balance by using both brain hemispheres (both the logical and the creative ones). Lately,  I haven't had much time to do fantasy inspired works because I have been doing some private comissions, mainly contemporary and decorative pieces. But my passion is ,and will always be, Tolkien inspired illustrations, so I try to do some every now and then. I always appreciate your comments, and I welcome criticism even more (I read EACH and EVERY one of them, but please be patient because I usually don't find the time to reply to all of them). Saludos!! I like Painting! Duuuuh haha. Molecular gastronomy and biotechnology. Favourite books LOTR obviously!! I also liked the Chronicles of Narnia ever since I read them as a kid. Favourite music Trip hop, classical... I LOVE Phoenix and Mew.