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Wayne Hodge

This is Anton the Centaurus. His mother was a Minotaur and his father was a Centaur. The Centaur tribes and the Minotaur tribes were allies and lived in peace with one another and great friendships were made. But anything beyond friendship was forbidden by both sides. But his father Bromm and his mom Ramawee couldn't help what they felt for one aonther. So they started meeting secertly with one another. A year later they declared their love for one another and secretly married. A month or so later Ramawee was pregnant. She told Bromm as soon as she could. Both new that the child would be put to death the minute it was born. Both the Centaurs and the Minotaurs considered such a birth to be an abomonation and would not alllow such a creature to live. Bromm was a powerful mage and had been taught his skill by a very powerful but kiind Wizard. So he and Ramawee fled to the Wizard in hopes that he would help them save their unborn child from certain death. The kindly old wizard agreed to help them. For he didn't understand how love could be considered an abomonation nor could he understand how a life created from love could be so easily killed. He agreed to help them under one condition. That condition was that they stay with him till their child was born and he be allowed to keep the child and raised it and teach it the ways of magic. In returne he would send Bromm and Ramawee to a planet where such unions are not frowned upon and they could live freely and sire other children. They agreed and after the birth he kept his promise and sent them to a world where they would be free to love one another without worry. This was a planet inhabited by all manner of beings. Vampires, Werewolves, Spider Taurs, Harpies, creatures that arer half human and half Scorpian and the list goes on. The old wizard raised Anton and loved him like his own son and taught him all that he knew about magic. Anton had gotten some of his power from his father by way of birth rights. So in the end he was a very powerful Centtaurus. In the end laying on his death bed the old wizard told Anton where to go to find his parents. With the old wizards passing Anton set off to find his parents and to have many adventures while doing so. He has made it to the planet that his parents are on but it's a big planet and he hasn't found them yet but he has made many friends there.  

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