Warren Love

This is funny. I went to college with the idea to get a degree in art and history. After my first year there I came to the revelation that “There is no money in freelance artwork until your dead”. With my potential future in mind I switch to a “real” field of study. I have been finished with school for three years now and never received a job in environmental science. Most of the artwork I have available is angels. These are not your, garden variety, heavenly angels. If you ever read about “real” angels, I doubt that would ever want to meet one. I like angels because they can fly and get away from the earth and it’s problems. I remember when I was young my grandfather had an airplane. He had a runway in the field behind the farmhouse so we could go up anytime. He would scare the hell out of me as he buzzed over the trees and turned so you could see the ground through the cockpit windows. That was the biggest rush ever and I would dream of having the ability to fly without the planes restriction. I will be uploading more work as I get it scanned. If you wish to use my art, please contact me so I know where it is.