My name is George Henderson Webster III, but I have gone by 'Trace' since I was born. I am an Old Schooler (Nine-Seven REPRESENT!), and so I can be all snobby, and say I was in the 'Wood when it was green. I served 8 long years in the MO Army National Guard as a 12B Combat Engineer (to any other military, or ex-military, artists out there...HOO-AH!), and am now employed at a healthcare software company. I am married to the best girl ever. I am largely self-taught, as none of my art teachers (except in high school) encouraged me in the slightest.  I actually quit taking art classes.  PLEASE leave comments.  I get all giddy when I get a new one.  If you like it, comment on it!   Showcased here will be my Sci Fi and Fantasy art (Nothing like stating the obvious, huh?).  I just recently got into ACTION! Cartooning & FANTASY! Cartooning by Ben Caldwell (best drawing books I've ever bought, check 'em out on amazon or something), and have been rewoking my style.  I actually moderate his forum now (as the_batcomputer) I have always liked fantasy, I read J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling, R.A. Salvatore, H.P. Lovecraft (Hmmm... all my favorite authors go by initials. Weird), lots of comics (SANDMAN!), and play RPG's.  Most of my drawings that I have up here are old RPG characters I have played. You should go check my fanquarter stuff out. Most of my newer (read: good) stuff is over there. I like Drawing, Reading, RPG's Favourite movies Star Trek Enterprise, Conan The Barbarian, Firefly Favourite books Lord of the Rings. The Dresden Files. Favourite music Too weird to list.