Melissa Bastiaans

Well, im a writer, and a write just about anything strage. So far I have completed only 3 stories (about 150 pages) which is unpublished. Im starting with my 4th story at the moment - cant tell you what it is about! I read allot too - try getting my attention when im at the end of my book! Anyway, I chose the name wednesday, because if I brade my hair, I look just like her. Check out my photo on Elftown! Hold on my fellow elf-people, another short story is on its way!!! (a bit of a turn in the story compared to the other two) ;-)

Stolen children

Mothers always watch your first child, for they are never safe.

Fairy dances

Dont ever leave your children unguarded!

Finding Home

A young boy...trying...searching....for home

The Water Godess - Prologue

Introduction to the community of the Water people