Be sure to check out my Sci Fi Art as well!! Oooh...not very well with Bios but I'll attempt it I guess. Here goes. I'm a self taught artist, and I've been drawing since I was old enough to pick up a pencil. I've been told I'm an 'inborn' artist, which I guess means that my art chose me. I can rarely do commissions but I will try if asked, although it may not come out the way that person wanted it to. I do mainly female RPG characters, who I also write stories based on. I'm currently working on a three act play starring Mist and Lenai. Erm...I'm picky about my work, and rarely agree with people who tell me its great. I only put up my favorites, but that doesn't mean I like it. I let people make their own choices though, and enjoy hearing comments on them, constructive criticisms especially. I like to know what I'm doing wrong so that I can right it. I paint and draw mainly to get away from life, I guess, and since I draw constantly almost, I guess I could be described as a dreamer. Oh well, most like me that way and I'm happier that way than any other. Here's a few more artists that I'd like to draw attention to. Anna Rammon and Charlotte Yell and Annah Hutchings . I now have a new site as well with more art up. Email for the link.